High-quality cleaning service/Handyman, repair, painting, maintenance. (Juneau)

High-quality cleaning service/Handyman, repair, painting, maintenance. 1 thumbnailHigh-quality cleaning service/Handyman, repair, painting, maintenance. 2 thumbnailHigh-quality cleaning service/Handyman, repair, painting, maintenance. 3 thumbnailHigh-quality cleaning service/Handyman, repair, painting, maintenance. 4 thumbnail
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Our company in Juneau is called "V & D Assistant", license number #2188929.

Our focus is quality. We never save, even if it is more expensive. Some of our competitors are cheaper, but we will take the time to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

Our range of cleaning services:
Cleaning of apartments, houses, offices, commercial premises and other premises!

What's included in the cleaning (Deep cleaning is always done):

Cleaning dust on all surfaces of the room (shelves, decorative items, books, baseboards, etc.), vacuuming all carpets in the house, wet cleaning all floors in the house, completely cleaning the external surfaces of the kitchen and all toilets with a shower room. Also, for an additional fee separately, we can wash the windows in the house on both sides, and equipment in the kitchen (refrigerator, oven, microwave and other appliances), cleaning gutters, cleaning the roof from dirt, branches, leaves.
It all depends on the degree of dirtiness of the house; there may be a small house, but it is very dirty; it takes more than usual time to clean it, and then maintain regular cleaning for several hours. You can give us tasks that need to be cleaned and we will do it and can also regularly keep your home clean!

Cost of services performed (Select your option):
1 bedroom 1 bathroom - $100
2 bedrooms 1 bathroom - $175
3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms - $300
4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms - $450
5 bedrooms 3+ bathrooms - $550

You also need to take into account +5% tax on your cost, our company operates officially and pays taxes!

If you prefer to receive a discount, we recommend that you take out a subscription to cooperate with us for a regular cleaning cycle of your home/premises!

Select your discount (Choose your option):
Every week - 10%
Every 2 weeks - 7%
Every month - 5%

We agree on the date and time, you make 2 payments of the cost of the service, according to the selected subscription.

For recommending us to your friends who start using our services and agree to take a subscription, you will receive an additional 1% discount for the entire duration of your friend’s cooperation.
We are always happy to come to your aid and provide the best quality in Juneau! We look forward to regular cooperation with you!

Current winter work (cost is calculated individually):
High-quality snow removal around the house, steps, driveway, road to the mailbox, snow removal from the roof of the house (1-2-3 floors), front and back yard and wherever you need it! You will receive the best service and quality in Juneau!

We also provide repair services (cost is calculated individually):
Handyman (interior and exterior repairs in a house/apartment/office space, interior and exterior painting work, insulation of houses/apartments, assembly of furniture, shelving, installation of equipment, replacement of electric lamps, and much more)

Cost of calling a technician:
$100 During this time, we will try to solve your problem, or calculate the cost of future work, with options for solving it, but the maximum stay of a technician for $100 will be no more than 2 hours.

Just write to us and we will help solve your tasks!

Order services V & D Assistant:
+1 (907) 500-5323

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