Looking for a New Home for our Newfoundland (Juneau)

We are looking for a new family for our five year old female Newfoundland, Rue. Rue came into our lives when she was about a year old. At that time we thought Rue would be ours the entirety of her life, like our past newfys. Unfortunately, about the time our 2 year old turned a one we learned she is allergic to dogs. It’s been such a struggle trying to balance giving Rue everything she deserves and keeping our two year old from being miserable, and we’ve realized it’s not fair to any of us.
Let me tell you about Rue. Rue is purebred newfie, she’s is an absolute lover and a pleaser. Although she's up to date on vaccines, please note that she is not spayed. She adores receiving affection and will do anything to make you happy. However, like all of us, she has some flaws. Rue’s biggest flaw is her lack of awareness of her own size. Due to this, she unintentionally tramples our two toddlers, and she has even knocked down my partner and me. We believe that with consistent training and guidance, she can learn to control her exuberance and be more mindful of her surroundings.
On a leash, she is a puller. Rue’s excitement can sometimes get the better of her when she spots something she wants. She lacks consistent recall. Rue’s confidence is admirable, but it often leads to poor judgment when it comes to fences and their heights. Can she jump a 6 foot fence? No. Will she try? Absolutely.
Despite Rue’s current challenges, we firmly believe that she is a trainable dog with the right amount of time and dedication. She deserves a home that can provide her with the attention and love she needs to thrive. We want nothing more than to find her a loving family who can give her the life she truly deserves.
If you are an experienced dog owner who is patient, understanding, and committed to training, Rue could be the perfect companion for you. She has so much love to give!
If you're interested in providing Rue a forever home please reach out to us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange a meet-and-greet to see if she is the right fit for you.
There is a small rehoming fee.
I promise this isn’t a scam. There is no money needed or wanted upfront. You can come out to our house in the valley or we can meet you at Sandy Beach or out at Lena.

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