Shelter from the Storm (Juneau)

I am looking to rent a private room with a bath. Can pay rent on time and am willing to help out around the place. I currently live in NC but sense a "storm" of biblical proportions is heading to the States, along with the Western World, fairly soon.
I am a straight-shooting, reliable Southern Boy who had one hell of a near-death experience during a bout with leukemia back in late 2016. Went into a coma for two months and was "shown" some heavy-duty stuff headed our way. I'm not crazy, but sometimes I wish I was, then all I would have to do is take a pill, and the world would be ok...This advert is based on an instinctual/spiritual response. A "reaching out" for kindred spirits in a time of coming crisis kinda deal. I've done a lot of exploring in this world and seen things that have shown me that there is a hidden global power structure that secretly rules over the interests of so-called sovereign nations across the globe.

Please save the negative comments as there is enough bad karma floating around nowadays. I am not political as both sides are rotten to the core and there will not be a fair election again this Fall. All leading to social unrest that is planned and in the works.
About me...
World traveler, operations manager, writer, handyman with a couple of degrees and speak half a dozen languages. Former chef who can cook all types of international cuisine. Have First Aid and Bushcraft/Hunting Skills. I also raised Wakon Giant Alaskan Malamutes for 20 years, and I know how to handle and train dogs...

I have all my own supplies and am just looking for a relatively stable place to enjoy the splendors of God's nature and do a little fishing while the world goes through the spin cycle backward.

If applicable, let's discuss.
God Bless,


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