Looking for housing in exchange for construction work temporary (Quincy)

Hi my name is Chad Pierce I'm a builder remodeler with 36 years experience all my own tools of the trades everything I need I do not need a babysitter I have a 24-ft toy hauler and a nice Ford F-250 four-wheel drive and I plan on coming up to Alaska this summer I'm tired of being the lower 48 I want to be out in the woods I want to help people that respect and appreciate it that live off the land that know what it means to survive and be Independence I'm tired of these subservant governmentized people down here in the lower 48 I am opening myself up to anyone that has a place that can prove their existence and prove their property and give me some kind of contract for a first few months in Alaska while I'm up there I am willing to do any kind of remodeling work for you. I have myself, a wife and my dog and a 24-ft toy hauler that has everything I need in it such as a shower, bed stove heat etc. I just need a place to land if you're looking or know anybody that's looking for a well-rounded Craftsman that knows his trades in and out that could be a benefit to the communities that also knows how to farm and grow food and Hunt his own food please let me know I'm in the lower 48 and I'm ready to leave in the next 30 days thank you and have a great day.

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